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101-T Apollo RCA™ for Managers/Executives

Area: Overview in Continuous Improvement and RCA.
Workshop Duration: Up to 4 Hrs.
Pre-requisites: None.

Workshop Description:

This course presents the elements and techniques of Continuous Improvement – Corrective Action Program centered on Apollo RCA™.

Managers will learn:

 The elements of Continuous Improvement Program.
Apollo RCA™ Methodology Characteristics and Applications.
 Importance of moving from Issue Resolution Quality Culture to Issue Elimination and Prevention.

Workshop Objective – Provide an overview to;

 Assess gaps and build an effective Continuous Improvement – Corrective Action Program.
 Demonstrate difference between Issue Resolution – Correction and Containment – and Issue Elimination and Prevention – Corrective and Preventive Actions.
 What is Root Cause Analysis, what is a Root Cause and how do you identify Root Cause

Who Should Attend?

 Executives, Managers and Supervisors who leads Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action Program.
 Not limited to Quality Leaders, Continuous Improvement Leaders, or decision making personal in shaping Continuous Improvement for their organization.
 Applies to all disciplines, functions and organizations.


 Learning reinforced with real world examples that allows Program Manager to make a decision on how to best integrate into their existing Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action Program.
 Client can substitute their own examples to be used during this workshop.

Workshop Content:

 Manual: Overview to EPS
 eBook: Seven Steps To Effective Problem-Solving by Dean L. Gano
 EPS Memory Joggers

Assessment: None.


Please contact HSP Academy to register the training.

HSP Academy Training Center

Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok D 26 – Gading Serpong – Tangerang

Phone: 021-29001152 ( Hari )

Mobile Phone: 0812 8388 6030



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