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102-T Introduction to Effective Problem Solving

Subject Area: Beginners Knowledge in Continuous Improvement and RCA.
Workshop Duration: Up to 4 Hrs.
Pre-requisites: None.

Workshop Description:

This course builds the foundation of Effective Problem Solving by providing beginners knowledge around various RCA tools and methodology to help find root causes and effective solutions.

Students will learn how to:

 Report and Document Issues
 Take immediate or short term Actions
 Preserve and Identify Evidence
 Perform various analysis:

o 5-Why & Fishbone
o Apollo RCA

 Drive to a Root Cause
 Complete a one page analysis template in less than 5 min: “Just-Do-It”.

It enforces the concept that the initial responders – front line staff, shop floor personal – to an incident are the most critical role in helping correct and contain the problem. And most importantly it enforces the linkage between shop floor personal, hourly employees and office personal in the importance of helping prevent reoccurring problems and not placing blame.

Workshop Objective: To provide the knowledge necessary to:

 Perform Immediate Incident Analysis
 Drive to Root Cause and take Corrective Actions
 Be an active Participant on a RCA
 Complete a one page analysis Template: “Just Do It!”

Who Should Attend?

 Any and all Shop Floor or Hourly Personal.
 Employee who are expected to take immediate actions upon discovery of nonconformity.
 Applies to all disciplines, functions and organizations.

Workshop Exercises:

 Learning reinforced with “hands-on” exercises that allow students to apply the Apollo RCA™ process to real world problems.
 Client can substitute their own examples to be used during this workshop.

Workshop Content:

 Manual: Introduction to EPS
 eBook: Seven Steps To Effective Problem-Solving by Dean L. Gano
 EPS Memory Joggers
 Course Completion Certificate

Assessment: None.

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