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Oil spill can be occurs in every petroleum activity both in land and water bodies. Source can be derived from oil tanker, leakage from sea floor piping system, hose damage in gas station, port, offshore and refineries activity and also from onshore oil terminal.

Oil spill lead an environmental damage especially in flora, fauna and human life quality depletion and other damage in natural ecosystem and need long time to reach initial condition of spilled area.

Large scale oil spill response and recovery require significant cost in order to provide oil spill response personnel, equipment and material of oil spill treatment, compensation of damaged area and other cost and also losses time cost.

This condition will disturb routine activity in petroleum industry, port or affected community in order of their productivity.

According to regulation issued by Minister of Transportation of Republic Indonesia number 58 of 2013 concerning prevention of pollution in water bodies and ports in chapter VII described that petroleum industry and ports need to conduct an assessment of pollution response requirements to identify and examine these assessment:

  1. Pollution potential could be occurs in petroleum activity area or ports
  2. Environmental Sensitivity
  3. Water currents and wind condition in the area
  4. Trajectory modelling of oil

These assessments will result

  1. Pollution Potential  caused by industrial activity and port
  2. Environmental Sensitivity area mapping
  3. Trajectory modelling of oil spill
  4. Methods and techniques of oil spill response
  5. Calculation of equipment and material will utilized in oil spill response
  6. Calculation of personnel requirements

In order to improve awareness of petroleum industry and ports on Environmental conservation and coastal waters under environmental regulation, Balikpapan University held a two days Seminar with theme “SAVING LOSS CAUSED BY OIL SPILL”

  • For participant from Policy holder and control can inform about importance of industry compliance with environmental action and regulation.
  • For participants from industry is to understanding the importance of compliance with environmental action and regulation as well as learn from “lesson learned” that has been presented by the speakers.

Outline of Seminar:

  1. Environmental Monitoring and Management in Petroleum Industry by Minister of Environment of Republic Indonesia
  2. Regulation of Pollution prevention in waterways and port (PM 58 Years 2013) by Deputy Minister of Transportation of republic Indonesia
  3. Offshore Operational Monitoring by Directorate General of Sea Transportation of Republic Indonesia
  4. Monitoring by The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business activities by SKK Migas
  5. Lesson Learned : Oil Spill Management Coordination by Indramayu Local Government
  6. Lesson Learned : Conflict Management of Compensation Processes by DR.H. Suparto Wijoyo from Airlangga University
  7. In land Oil Spill Treatment Plan by Prof. M. Zanetti from Politecnico di Torino –  Italy
  8. Sensitivity 7 vulnerability Mapping by DR. Eric Dutrieux from Creocean International – France
  9. Bioremediation for Oil Spill Treatment Readiness Assurance as a Critical Part of Oil Spill Response by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hasnain Isha from Petronas University – Malaysia
  10. Sharing Best Practices: Comprehensive Readiness Assurance As a Critical Part of Oil Spill Response by Ir. Tenny Wibowo, President Director Pertamina Hulu Energi


Venue and Date of Seminar


Thursday – Friday: 6 – 7 March 2014

Registration Fee:

Rp.5.000.000 (five million rupiahs) per participant + 10% PPN (excluded accommodation and transportation)

Place of Registration

The Seminar Committee Kajian K3 UNIBA

Phone               : 021 – 3907595

Fax                   : 021 – 392157

HP                    : 081291492222 or 081514444150

Email                :


Phone               : 021 – 29001151 or 29001153

Fax                   : 021 – 29001152

HP                    : 0812819080009

Email                :


Phone               : 021 – 8211464

Fax                   : 021 – 8211464

HP                    : 081296580700

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Phone               : 0542 – 7655442

Fax                   : 0542 – 764205

HP                    : 081253661333

Email                :

Panel Sessions Speakers:

Prof. Zanetti Mariachiara

 Prof Zanetti

Prof. Zanetti Mariachiara is head of the Engineering Department of Environment Land and Infrastructures (DIATI) of Politecnico di Torino. Her main activities and responsibilities is development of applied research in Environmental Sanitary Engineering by means of private and/or public financial grants and the organization of research teams. Her main scientific activity is focused on environmental technologies for wastewater treatment, waste recycle and reuse, contaminated land characterization and cleaning, environmental risk analysis. She managed several projects financed by public and private entities aimed to the development of new technologies in order to achieve the environmental sustainability. Lecturer of bachelor and master degree courses concerning methods and technologies for the environmental impact minimization of human activities.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hasnain Isha

 DR. Hasnain Isa

Dr. Mohamed Hasnain Isa obtained his B.Sc (Civil Eng.) and M.Sc (Environmental & Water Resources Eng.) degrees from The Aligarh Muslim University, India and his Ph.D (Environmental Eng.) degree from The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1998. Dr. Isa started his career in 1989 as a lecturer at The Aligarh Muslim University, India. He also worked as Senior Environmental Consultant in Hong Kong and as Lecturer at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia.  Dr. Isa has been involved in a number of research projects on wastewater treatment using biological (aerobic, anaerobic) and physico-chemical (adsorption, coagulation, electrochemical) methods, and on solid waste management. He has published over 100 scientific papers in international journals and conferences. He is member of various national and international professional bodies. He also serves as peer reviewer for several national and international journals.


Eric is currently Consultant in Coastal and Marine Environment, Director of International Development, Montpellier’s Office, France.  He has master’s degree in Biology and Ecology, University of Paris XI (Orsay), France, 1982. He has worldwide professional experience in the planning, management and evaluation of coastal zones (including aquaculture), evaluation of impact of industrial coastal facilities in tropical environments (harbours, oil & gas), coastal and marine sites restoration, experience lecturer and trainer, at levels ranging from operational training for environmental technicians, to post-graduate degree courses in France. Project and consultancy experience has included project management, feasibility studies (especially for institutional monitoring programs), environmental baseline studies, environmental impact assessment studies and coastal zone integrated planning and management.  Technical emphasis has been mainly in the benthic ecology sector (soft bottoms, hard substrates and coral reefs), submarine expertise, mangroves and coastal forests studies, including data collection and interpretation.

Ir. Tenny Wibowo

CV Tenny Wibowo-July 2013

Ignatius Tenny Wibowo is the President Director of Pertamina Hulu Energi. He graduated Cum Laude from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Petroleum Engineering department in March 1990. Since then he has more than twenty three (23) years of experience in the Oil and Gas business including several overseas assignments in  Dallas/Texas/USA and Port of Spain/Trinidad & Tobago. Prior to his current position, he was the International Ventures Director of Pertamina Hulu Energi and the Executive Vice President/General Manager of Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (ONWJ). His work experience covered Asset Management, Commercial & Planning, Operations, Project Management, Reservoir & Wells (Subsurface) and People Development. Tenny joined Pertamina in mid 2009 after about twenty years working for BP and ARCO.

DR. H. Suparto Wijoyo

DR. Suparto Wijoyo

Dr. H Suparto Wijoyo is Lecturer in Environmental Law Airlangga University and served as Chairman of the Department of Administrative Law. He also involved in many other environmental activities such as: Commission on Legal Work Environment Secretary, Cooperation Agency Center for Environmental Studies (BKPSL) Indonesia; Core Team Environmental Research Center (PPLH) Research Institute Airlangga University; Expert Contributors Ozone Environmental Magazine; Team Law (Legal Drafter), Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia; Legal Drafter Local Regulation in the District / City and Province in Indonesia; Drafting Team The idea About Institutional National Environment Management, Ministry of Environment; Drafting Team Joint Study On Environmental Management Institutions, Population and Transmigration, the Ministry of Environment; Core Member of the Board of the Environment (DLH) East Java; Instructional Materials Development Project Coordinator SP3 and SP4, Airlangga University School of Law; Instructor Action Learning Legal Drafting legislation for Environment; Mediator Environment East Java; Mediator Environment Ministry of Environment.

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